Over 100 years of history

Caxton Press was established on the same site in Treorchy in 1906. Jonathan Davies have been involved in the company for the best part of twenty years, and in that time have expanded the business to the point that it is at today.

With keen pricing, top quality workmanship and sheer professionalism, they now have a broad customer base of over two hundred and fifty companies both large and small spread across the UK. Some of these customers are long established regulars who order time and time again whist others are relatively new and are drawn to using Caxton because of their reputation for consistency in delivering a first class service and product.

In addition to their commercial printing services, Caxton Press also print for the general public and afford the same care and attention to detail that their regular customers have come to expect.

Photograph: Caxton Press, Treorci / Treorchy